10 Months of Indoor Farming

I just hit 10 months since the day my first set of towers arrived. As of today I’m producing a steady bi-weekly delivery to the QBI, which just about almost covers my operating costs. I definitely spent more and sold less than I originally projected. Here are some of the challenges I’ve faced, one after another.

  • Setup from scratch
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • PH levels
  • Water drips
  • Marketing
  • Bug problems
  • Processing and regulations
  • Packaging
  • Excess unsold produce
  • Over-seeding
  • Under-seeding
  • Standing out at farmers markets (both kinds)
  • Clogged emitters
  • Narrowing my varieties based on what grows well and what sells
  • Social media presence
  • Insufficient lighting

It’s been a steep learning curve and a challenge all the way along, but each challenge has armed me with the tools to meet the next. Today I’m pulling off regular, high-quality produce for sale and for donation, and I’m making time for my next projects; working on a proposal for a fruit orchard at Springwood School, and developing a Community Garden plot for a gardening club based out of Orca Place. Wish me luck.

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