The Method

I’ve done a fair amount of research into this project. As such, I’m using the Zipgrow Farmwall system, partly because they have a Canadian division in Cornwall. They also have a substantial resource section on their website. Freightfarms in Boston is an all-in system that starts at 85,000 USD, which I don’t have to spend. I can buy 8 towers at a time from Zipgrow at a ballpark cost of $300 per unit, (with lights) and put them into use as I build the market to meet the production.

The front face of my first rolling FarmWall. You can plainly see this is in my garage.

My initial assembly is 2 times 8 tower FarmWalls placed back to back on a rolling wooden frame. The total footprint is around 28 square feet, and it will certainly provide way more leafy greens than I can use, on a regular 4 to 6 week turn.

I follow a lot of large industrial operations on the Insta, but it’s not my intention to reach that kind of scale, in fact it’s the small scale, hyper-local nano farm that really appeals to me. My intent is to show that any of us can seize the means of production, and produce a small income while contributing to our own good health, and the health of our neighbourhoods.

8 Tower Farmwall