Day 134 – May 25

It’s been a long while since my last update, but what can I say, I’ve been busy. I just finished my fourth visit to the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market and it’s been a fantastic journey of hard work and learning. I’ll do a quick roundup and try to let the pictures do most of the talking

My booth from my second market day, May 11, with my new sign and the boxes on view. That display gets a hell of a lot of attention.

Two and a half months since my last blog post. Since that time, I added a number of units, moved a few out of the garage and into a greenhouse the yard. I learned about PH and started monitoring every day, and have tried, and keep trying to get my production up, by adding lights, tweaking my feeding program and adjusting my planting techniques.

I’ve been using cardboard packaging as an alternative to plastic. It does a great job at keeping the greens fresh in the fridge, but they do take away from the colour of the greens when they’re all closed up. And they’re expensive
One of the 8-tower Farmwall units out in the yard, taking advantage of that free and powerful sunshine

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